01 November 2006

View from my Window

My AP US History class has been a lot of fun this year. The biggest surprise about them has been that they actually read and process the textbook. I have never had a class that has consistently read the assignment and brought that knowledge to class with them. Indeed, they have caught me in three minor errors so far this year.

The view from my classroom windows makes it difficult to focus somedays. I would much prefer camping or hiking in the mountains to the growth of absolutism under Louis XIII. I wish the angel of the Lord would say to me, "Run for your lives! And don’t look back or stop anywhere in the valley! Escape to the mountains, or you will be swept away!" (Genesis 19:17, taken badly out of context). Sadly, the master plan for the school calls for the magnificant hardwoods to be cut down and replaced with parking lots and sports fields. Alas the price of growth.

Here are some quick pics I took outside my window:

Outside my class room window III

Outside my class room window II

Outside my class room window I



the canadian said...

I am sorry for your trees. One of the saddest things that has happened to me here is when I went to look at my Aspens and other trees behind the dumpster out my window and discovered that they had been murdered to make way for the new electric lines for all the new apts. Progress....

I return to your sight often to get a dose of fall. You are a good man to post such. In my class we discussed the seasons in French. I was the only one that said fall was best. How could anyone not agree with me??? I am glad to see that there are still some people with sense down South. Maybe the missionaries from Africa have forgotten that fall exists. It was beautiful but so short here and so few of us managed to get out and enjoy it.

I tried to post comments last week but they never showed. Did you hate them or did my silly connection just not let them through?

the canadian said...

And happy birthday. I meant to say that. I am glad that your birthday is in the fall. It would not be just were it not so. I say that only because mine is too and I don't have to be jealous, though in the South yours is more fallish than mine because it can still be full of heat the end of Sept. But I have the balancing encouragement that I got to be born on both Bilbo and Frodo's birthday. How cool am I? (You certainly need not answer that, for I relish in my delusion of coolness by association).

Splitcat Chintzibobs said...

I see what you mean about blogger not taking comments. I replied to your comments last week in this space and my reply disappeared. Thank you for commenting. The one bad day about fall...today it was dark at 5:30.

the canadian said...

at least you are south. it begins to darken here near the northern pole at 3:20 and by 4 when we are all home it is pitch. depressing. but it is no longer fall here. today's high was 1 C. that would be the HIGH that i mentioned. today's low was that it got dark at 3:20.

did i mention that i frequent your trees on a daily basis, sometimes coming back for more if the need arises in the darkness of my environment or soul? i like your trees. my oldest daughter is smart enough to admire them greatly too.

sorry about your ants (a few posts ahead, but i conserve my "word verification" energy with just one comment here). no bugs really live here now in the cold (one good thing), but i remember the battle of the ants every year in our homeland. it was costly-both monetarily and psychologically.