02 July 2007

UPDATED: RIP: HP Photosmart R707 Camera 2005-2007

My digital camera has died. I took over 3,500 pictures with it before its shutter closed for the last time. It was a good camera. Before you rejoice that there will no longer appear any obnoxious photos on this blog, I must inform you that I just purchased this:

It is a Canon a710is and shipped today. I hope to see it by Thursday. I am very excited about it. I can't wait to take a picture of Orlando Bloom with it.

My camera did get here on Thurdsday! Crutchfield Electronics (via Amazon) really came through--ordered on Monday and delivered on Thursday with a holiday on Wednesday. I am still working through the myriad settings and have yet to take a really great picture, but here is a sample that has been severely cropped (I am just impressed by the shininess of the bumblebee's abdomen):


the canadian soon to be southern again said...

Congrats on your new toy. I hope you have received it by now and that you have already taken many pictures that you will post soon.

I enjoy your pictures of the backs of your beautiful children's heads and of the babies that I have never met. Not to mention the very nice trees and gardens.

I know that you will like this camera because a couple of months ago I got one almost just like it when my poor sad camera bit the dust. It must not have been a very well made piece of technology. It only took 10,353 pictures (plus deleted ones, not that I would ever take a bad picture) (ahem) before meeting an untimely death.

10,000 pictures! If only I had time to look at them....

I still haven't organized the old fashioned ones on paper from my first 9 years of marriage and first 3 children. Paying for film never discouraged me from taking a lot of photos then, so I have plenty of boxes full, in much disaray. But this whole digital idea- woohoo! Limitless snappings! (My husband just loves it when we are flying down the highway at 70mph and I yell, "Wait! Go back! I saw a picture!!!).

Anyway, despite the annoyances I constantly cause him with my camera, he loved me enough to replace it using some of his own birthday money when mine died in California with children's birthdays and a trip across country on the horizon.

You will love your canon.

It was funny to me that we paid half of what my original digital one cost for the new one and it has three times the bells and whistles. I thought if I could just wait a few more years I could probably get something comparable to this one in a cereal box.

I am happy to be back home in canada where we have internet. I have missed my blogging friends, as for several months I only met with them in rare instances when I could make it to the computer room or coffee shop without 4 kids. Soon we will be back south where we will again not have internet, but then we will have friends. I hope that we will see them and meet their children.

I hope you are not offended by the very lengthy comment block. I figure I am making up for all the comments I wanted to make for months but never could.

the canadian said...

Sadly, we were not able to snap a single shot of Mr. Bloom the whole time we were in California. When we missed him during the 6 hours we were sitting in traffic on the LA freeway, we were really hoping we would chance to meet up with him in Fresno or Yosemite or San Jose. But alas, his difficult work schedule must have called him elsewhere. Sorry we could not send you a picture.

Splitcat Chintzibobs said...

I am glad you are back in the blog-o-sphere. Your old camera beat mine by a large margin. I am pleased that you enjoy the pictures of the backs of my children's heads. I am not a very accomplished photographer and they always seem to turn away at the last second :) In truth, it is quite challenging to take a photo of a child without them looking directly at the camera; they always seem to know when you have the camera out.