02 September 2009

Mid-Week Miscellany: Birthdays and Wipes

The twin boys turned three a couple of weeks ago.  We had a small celebration on their birthday with some cupcakes and good cheer.  There is one picture of that day, not caught on camera, but one that I hope I shall never forget: W. and M. were sitting at the table waiting for their cupcakes.  As I as came around the corner bearing twin candles lit over twin cakes, W.'s face swelled into what can only be described as an expression of pure joy.  He rose up out of his seat smiling broadly as his hands clenched beneath his chin in spasms of happiness.  He is normally the quiet and stoic one.  I have never seen him happier.  I write it here to remember. 

When one of the boys was a babe, I don't remember which one, there was a time of weariness and much changing of diapers.  My wife was away or resting, and I did something of which I am ashamed.  I have never confesesed it.  While changing his diaper, I reached for the wet-wipes and cleaned him up.  Part of my brain was trying to tell me that something was wrong and that wipes don't normally smell so lemony, but it was an hour later that I realized that I had used Lysol disinfecting wipes.  No harm was done, but I felt guilty about it for weeks after.  I thought of it today as I disinfected the desks in my classroom with Lysol wipes. 

Happy Birthday my boys (taken while getting ready to go to Grandma's house pizza and cake party):


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