26 May 2007

Best Excuse Note of the Year

Last night was graduation, and while the graduates were getting their diplomas, I remembered getting this e-mail from one of them early this semester:

hi, its susie student. so here's a kind of funny story... so i walk into a nail place after cheerleading practice today because i want to get my nails done for this weekend and i bring in this little folder/organizer dealfor all my hw. it just so happened to have all my homework both for tomorrow and for this weekend, completed- i might add. all of the sudden this very intimidating vietnamese woman walks up to me and tells me to pick out the color i want and walk back to her little station. long story short-after she scared me death and spent 10 minutes trying to talk to me in someother language, i left my homework folder in the nail place and the hw for your class was in it. i have already finished the homework due friday and for next tuesday- if u need any proof u can ask bob who sat next to me in study hall making fun of me for being diligent and told me to stop probably 6 times. i know you don't accept late work on little homework assignments but i would love if it you had mercy on me for this first one. i don't intend and plan not to have any more issues like this but for this once, out of the kindness of your heart, would you please consider giving me some credit for it? i'm pretty sure that nail place opens at 10 so i can have my homework to you by 10:15 if they didn't throw it away. if not, i may face my first 0 in the history of my schooling (which would be fair, i know, i'm just bummed). anyway, have a great night and i hope you and your family are doing well!

She is one of the most diligent students I have ever had and had been really sick all semester so I marked her down for a late grade and gave her full credit for making me laugh.


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