30 January 2006

Monday Miscellany: Blood, Sweat, Tears, Vomit

The boy had an admirable nosebleed yesterday after covering himself with a blanket as Darth Vader and spinning into a wall. It was his best bleed yet. He was quite beside himself for about five minutes. He doesn't like getting the "sticky stuff" on himself. It is amazing the stuff you will catch in your hand when you become a parent. Blood, sweat, tears, vomit....

Later, he asked for some medicine to make his nose feel better. He settled for a Spiderman vitamin.

When he was still a baby and had his first real sickness we had to give him some gritty antibiotics. He didn't like medicine in those days. He screamed while we squirted it down his throat (first child, first sickness, first deep parental guilt). I picked him up to comfort him while he screamed. He stopped screaming for a moment, and I thought that he was over it until I felt a heavy, wet warmth spread across my chest. The entire contents of his stomach ended up as a massive pink stain on my shirt. Now the kids have been sick so often that they ask for medicine almost every night. He is still on antibiotics for strep that he acquired a week and a half ago. Now they both seem to be getting sick again.

My two year old girl has finally accepted me when she needs comfort. For a long time, she would rather curl up into a screaming ball on the floor than have her daddy comfort her. She still prefers momma but I will do in a pinch.

She has also begun showing me the fruits of her nasal expeditions. She started this in December. She walked up to me with her fingers held high. Granted, it was impressive, and she had reason to be proud, but I did not eat well for several days. I am still not sure how something so large fit into such a petite nose.

TWINS? How can that be? Children squared? I still haven't told my classes yet. Only one person at school knows. The wife is still quite ill with the mourning sickness. I grilled some steak for her, which made her feel better for a couple of hours.

I think we are going to need at least six names picked out. The wife wants to have the names picked out as soon as they can tell us what they are. We will need two for two boys, two for two girls, and two for one of each. For now, they shall remain baby "A" and "B".



4BoyDad said...


PLEASE don't do themes for names. It was a horrid, horrid joke on my part.

Still. Luke & Leia? Luke & Laura? Annakin & Obi-Wan? Kirk & Picard? James & John? Thomas & Percy?

Ooh. I like James & Thomas. The 4boywife would never allow those. And Philip.

Can't have Sam, sorry. Merry & Pippin? John & Jack?

How about this: pick a bunch of names you like. Sort the ones you can agree on into Boy names and Girl names. Arrange by preference. Then, whatever comes, you're ready.

Two boys? Pick the first two boy names. Two girls? Picke the first two girl names. One of each? Top from both lists.

But it's very important to burn the list, all copies of the list, delete this post, and swear never to let on that such a list ever existed.

Splitcat Chintzibobs said...

We (the wife and I) both agree about theme names...but they are great fun to think about. Ronald and Reuel or Clive and Reuel, Arthur and Lancelot...While we don't want them to be theme names, we do want them to sound good together without sounding alike. That is why I think we might need six names. The two girl names might sound good together, but either one may or may not sound too good with one of the boys' names, if you follow me.

I like Thomas. It is on my list. There is a twisted part of me that wants Gawain and Agravaine. Ah well. "A" and "B" works for me.