05 February 2006

Light Saber Alert: North Pole Recall!

One of my son's light sabers has broken. It is the one he got for Christmas. The sabers come equipped with a lock that keeps the saber from extending without first disengaging the lock. Somehow the lock has permenantly disengaged and something rattles around inside the handle. The saber is still quite capable of fighting off sundry bad guys and little sister. Wednesday, the day it broke, it was the first thing he told me when I came home. He went on to explain, "Maybe Santa's elves didn't do a very good job making it." I am still waiting for the recall notice. I fear it will not be issued from the North Pole but rather from China.

My students have given me many, many different ideas for names. I didn't come right out and tell them about the twins. I just posted a reproduction of the sonogram on my classroom wall. The sonogram was variously intrepreted as: "Are those its eyes?", "Is that a hamster?", and "That's kinda weird isn't it?". Several students looked at it during first period but couldn't figure it out. I gave up the secret accidently in second period. My students saw the sonogram and began talking about names again. In response I said something about "When the children come."
One of my sharpest students jumped on it, "Are they twins?"
I said, "Why do you say that?"
"Because you said 'children'."
They could talk about little else for the next fifteen minutes (it is a class dominated by a cadre of freshmen girls).

On Friday, someone put 10 $20.00 bills in my box. Wow. I keep saying Wow.


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