31 March 2006

The Beautiful South: Part Two

As I was saying, my son and I made the trek to my brother's house in south Georgia a week and a half ago. We traveled with my sister and her daughter. Some highlights:

We knew that we weren't in Atlanta anymore when we saw this at a local Wal-Mart:

We stopped at a sleepy McDonalds where we were met by two busloads of marching band. My niece played her Gameboy DS under a blanket. My son said little. After three hours of silent patience he finally asked, "Why is it taking forever?"

The hotel was actually a resort at Georgia Veterans State Park. My son thought the room was great. It had closets, a TV, a view of the lake, a screened in porch, and.....a bathroom. He was so excited about the bathroom that he just had to use it even though he didn't really need to.

The party was fun. Burgers and sausage from Striplings (motto: "you never sausage a place") were grilled to perfection and cake and ice cream was enjoyed by all. If you have ever been to Lake Blackshear, then you know Striplings. If you haven't, then you can check them out online. You can order their sausage and beef jerky, a large variety of Striplings seasonings, but not the butt rub. They sell a sausage that would make a great addition to a low-country boil, the best beef jerky I have ever had (should be for $20.00/pd), and sundry items.

We were warned to be on the lookout for large animals on our drive back to the hotel room. After all, we were in the neighborhood of Hogzilla.

My son is a fine traveler. He only complained twice on the long rides to and fro. We had a great time, though far too short and incomplete without wife and daughter.


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