05 April 2006

Quote of the week: "If a child is picking up feces, he needs counseling"

Another thing that makes me proud to be an Atlantan: Atlanta is becoming the sex capital of the nation. See MSNBC Sex tourism thriving in U.S. Bible Belt. At least they didn't make the title "Sex tourism hitting below US Bible Belt"?

Another thing that makes me proud to be a teacher. A teacher uses a 40 mm shell to try to kill a bug on his desk. See CNN Exploding paperweight costs teacher his hand. The article does not mention the condition of the bug. Almost certainly a history teacher.

Endangering the welfare of a child: See WNYT Teacher charged for giving student 'wedgie'.

What's wrong with education in America? From "Students want cops in classes" Chicago Sun-Times:

Chicago Teachers Union President Marilyn Stewart fears turning Kennedy into a "police state.'' Stewart said CPS needs to attack the root cause by offering more social services to students and adding counselors. High school counselors now serve as many as 350 students each. "If a child is picking up feces, he needs counseling,'' she said. (emphasis mine)

According to the article, a child was not picking up feces, a group of students attacked another student with feces. I am sure counseling is just what these students need. Could it be that hiring security officers won't add to the take of the union, but new, due-paying counselors would add to the union's coffers?


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