28 January 2007

Donuts with Daddies Redux

It was Donuts with Daddies day again at my son's school on Friday. I told about my previous adventure with DWD here. Once again, I got a tie and a book about me. According to my son:

Daddy works at "American School."
Daddy is "60 FEET" tall.
Daddy is "66" years old.
Daddy is happy when "I give him a gift on his birthday."
Daddy's favorite food is "sarl" (cereal).
Daddy likes to "Paly (Play) games on the comeputr (computer)."
Daddy and I like to "Fish".
If daddy were an animal, he would be a "bird."

The boy refused to eat his donut because it was too sticky. He wondered, "Why did they get these type of donuts." I think he was expecting to get the munchkins they had gotten last year. He had promised me a chocolate one.

The class entertained us with a song and then got the dads to join in on the Tootie-ta song. I wore the tie all day so I could brag all day about my boy. The tie will go on the rack next to the one from last year. There is plenty of room for more.


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