29 September 2005

Saturday School

I have the privilege of hosting Saturday School this Saturday. I say "privilege" as each student will personally give me $25.00 to baby-sit him or her for four hours. Currently, there are seven students signed up for this special time. That comes out to $43 an hour (and change). Knife fights have at times broken out in the staff room for the right to host a SS. Two years ago I came home with $350.

A husband-wife team at our school pocketed $500, used the money to purchase five tickets for a school drawing for a vintage Ford Mustang. They won, sold the Mustang, and pocketed somewhere around $7,000 (I’m guessing). I couldn’t think of a couple more deserving, but that didn’t stop me from wallowing in a bit of jealousy.

I will either use this school bonus time at union wages to accomplish some real work (I have about 100 pages of papers to grade), or I shall endeavor to do some live blogging. Honestly, I will probably read online news for the first two hours, edit old posts (I know its wrong, but I can’t help myself), add more things to my Amazon wish list (currently at twenty items), and rearrange the items on my desktop (the physical one).


Update: I am up to 9 students. 9*25=$225 or $56.25/hour

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