24 May 2006

Disney Daze

My Disney Experience

Monday afternoon/evening:
Rode Tower of Terror (did not like), Rocking Roller Coaster (an entire ride devoted to Aerosmith?!), Star Wars (fun little simulation). Best end of day show of the three I saw (an entire lake on fire!).

Tuesday morning/afternoon:
Animal Kingdom
Rode Everest (beware the Yeti), went on safari twice (like a zoo but during rush hour), rode something with dinosaurs (a bruising ride). The day was rainy and Everest kept breaking down.
Dinner at Rain Forest Cafe (interesting ambience if you don't mind howler monkeys howling at you every few minutes)

Tuesday evening:
Rode Test Drive
Saw end of day show (least favorite of them all)
Downtown Disney
Saw my first ever Lego store (more later)

Wednesday morning/afternoon
Magic Kingdom
Rode Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear, Haunted Mansion, and Splash Mountain

Wednesday afternoon
Rode Misson Space (the ride that two people died after riding on), Test Drive, Maelstrom (a Viking adventure) and Soarin' (way, way too short for such a great simulation)

Wednesday evening
Magic Kingdom
Rode Thunder Mountain
Watched end of day show (Tinkerbell zip lining down from the top of the castle is pretty cool) Has anyone noticed that Tinkerbell has become quite popular as a fashion accessory and that she is beginning to vamp it up a bit?

An exhausting and fun experience. By the end of the three days I was ready to see a genuine rock and a naturally running stream. I am proud to say that only two rides had to be stopped because of the behavior of our students. This was only my third trip to Disney (MGM and Animal Kingdom have opened since the last time I was there) and I look forward to taking my family there one day (even if the entire place is a massive store...really there is a store at the end of every ride/attraction and everywhere in between...and I may have to mortgage the house).
We stayed in the All Star Movies resort, a genuine Disney resort. We were in Mighty Ducks. My guess is that it is the cheapest of the Disney resorts. Despite that, it is well-maintained, has a nice pool, and is conveniently located next to a Disney store.

What is your favorite ride/attraction/part of Disney? Feel free to comment below.


fiorinda said...

Space Mountain!! I usually hate roller coasters, but I got addicted to space mountain in high school on one of my band trips. I also like the Tea Cup ride. I like rides that spin

dhannah said...

This entry was of particular interest to us because I used to work for Disney Stores Inc. (at least that part of the Company's name is honest!), and more importantly, our family of 6 just stopped by there last month on the way to see family in Daytona. You are sure right about the whole place being a giant store. Gotta love how every ride dumps you out into a shop when it's over. The marketing folks there know what they are doing.
Somehow we managed to get out with only a $10 per kid bill, and the baby didn't get a thing. $30! Of course I choose to ignore the $60 meals (for the cheapest menu items shared) and my personal favourite, the $15 for WATER. I wanted a naturally flowing stream too. And a naturally flowing Britta filter from my kitchen sink. We won't even mention the ticket prices to get in in the first place. This was the first time I ever had to actually PAY to get in, between free tickets for working there and free media passes from my husband's job, not to mention some very nice vacations with the bill being footed by my mother-in-law (the only time I've ever stayed in a real Disney Resort).
Somehow, with it being the furtherest thing possible from my heart's desire of real rocks, mtns, and as you said, naturally flowing streams, it is still one of my favourite places to go in the world. Much as I hate to admit it, I am a trapped tourist after all.

Splitcat Chintzibobs said...

'tis a fun experience and even more so when not on your own dime. I have now been thrice and haven't had to pay yet. The main difference that I noted between the mall Disney stores and Disney World is that the DW workers lack in same joy of Disney that the mall store employees seem to have. The DW workers could be down right surly. Maybe it was Snow White week and everyone was playing Grouchy.