08 May 2006

Monday Miscellany

On Friday I gave my students a survey to give me their input about the class. One of the questions was, "What is the most important thing that you have learned in this class?" One student responded with: "I have learned to wright better." Another answered, "How to shoot roll up pieces of paper in a trashcan." You see we have a review game called trashketball...oh never mind.

Last night I was working on the computer when my five year old boy approaches with ideas for Lego models to make at Christmas. I said that they were all great ideas, but why did he have to wait to Christmas; why not make them now? He replied, "Remember, Christmas is when we celebrate Lego." I suppose this is the price of yearly Lego set 4924:

Next week I get to go with the seniors for a six day trip to Disney so I really only have this week of class to teach.

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