24 October 2005

Monday Miscellany

The phone rang on Saturday evening. It was later than we normally received calls, and we both wondered who it might be. My wife answered it. A puzzled look appeared on her face, and she handed the phone to me and said, "I think it is a student."

I took the phone. There was a lot of giggling. A girl's voice came on and said (you have to imagine it interspersed with giggling and echoes of giggling in the background), "This is Jane Doe, I am over here at Sue Smith's house. We are playing 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire", and we get to phone a friend for a question so I am phoning a friend." She went on to ask if I would answer a question. I said that I would be glad to do so. The question was: which of the following is a type of sword? a. scimitar b. sitar c. slide d. siddhartha. I gave the correct answer (scimitar). They thanked me and hung up. I am glad they thought of me.

My son is convinced that my niece has promised him an outdoor play set for his birthday. I hope she is saving her pennies. My niece will probably be outraged and embarrassed that I mentioned her on my blog. Just wait and see what happens if he doesn't get that playset!

Speaking of my son, I took him to an incredible new East Cobb park last week. Looking around, I was impressed at how integrated the suburbs have become. My son loves to swing now. He had gone through a phase where he was afraid to swing. He is a fearful child which is typical of the first child. Now the fear is gone. He kept having me push him higher and higher until I became concerned. He shouted, "Daddy, I love swinging now. I'm not afraid anymore." It was a proud moment.

Afterward we celebrated with a spot of McDonalds in what used to be known as the "Metro McDonalds". I ordered a quarter-pounder with cheese. They gave me a double-quarter pounder with cheese. I don't know what they do different at this McDonalds, but it was the best fast food hamburger that I have ever had. I ate the entire thing while my son sat across from me telling me about his life at school and wishing upon a star. It was a good time. I love that boy.

My classes are currently studying: Bartleby the Scrivener (11th Grade) and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (9th Grade).


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