02 August 2005

Powder Puff Girls Fraud Alert

Earlier today:
"Hi. This is Jack from Blockbuster Video. I'm calling because the Powder Puff Girls movie that you returned today was missing its disk."
"Powder Puff Girls?"
"Yes, sir. It was returned today and the disk was missing."
"The Powder Puff Girls was missing its disk."
"Yes, sir. The disk was missing. This happens alot. People just forget to take it out of their DVD player."
"I can understand why someone would want to hold on to the Powder Puff Girls movie, but I am fairly certain that no one here has ever rented a Powder Puff Girls movie."
"Well, could you check?"
"I really don't think that was us."
"If you could see if anyone there might have rented it."
"It's not really a type of thing one would rent illicitly is it?"
"No, sir. If you could just check and see if you might still have the disk. We will have to charge your account for the replacement price of the disk if we can't get it back."
"Um. I see. Sure. I'll check."

Later today:
"Mom, Dad. Blockbuster just called me to see if I had their Powder Puff Girls movie disk. Do you know anything about this? Call me back."

Moments ago:
"Well son, we went to Blockbuster to get a video for your niece and I forgot my card. So they put in our last name, and your account came up. We put it on your account. Your dad just forgot to put the disk back in the case when he took it back today."
"Oh, well that's no problem, mom."
"Just another thing. You had a free video on your account....we took it. We were going to tell you. I have a coupon for a free video to give you."

What is the saying about children eventually having to become the parents to their parents?

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Anonymous said...

That's quite a story just to cover ones video renting tastes.