07 November 2005

Monday Miscellany

We keep getting ads in our mailbox declaring that "Life is too short to clean your own home." We have taken their advice and stopped cleaning our home.

Today our school co-hosted a teaching conference with another school. I had the pleasure of serving as parking lot attendant. The number of teachers that I had to assist to the correct campus was disappointingly high. Teachers can make for terrible students.

The catered lunch provided for the attendees included a chocolate chunk cookie advertised as "A 1/4 pound cookie". It was the highlight of my day.

I took Friday off. I took the day off to grade papers. Something is deeply wrong with that.

The Simpsons was back last night with a hilarious dig at MLB. It was a good episode. The good episodes are not coming as often as they used to. Tonight, Arrested Development. Tomorrow, House. If only I felt like I didn't have to wash my mouth out with soap after watching TV.

The last daylilly of the summer (taken last week):


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4BoyDad said...

w00t! Purgatory baby!